Master Ham Slicer - The Taste Of Tradition

Maitre de Jambon

Are you looking for a master ham slicer
for an event?

I am a MASTER ham slicer
for private events working
in PARIS and its surroundings.

Maitre Couper de Jambon

It may be that:

You have been given a ham as a gift and you need a ham slicer at home to make the most of it? You lack the tools and knowledge on how to use it?
You want to hire a master ham slicer at home by the hour?
You think that something as exclusive as a leg of ham with the service of the ham cutter at home would be the perfect gift?
You want to impress your guests or clients at an event, wedding, anniversary or congress?
You would like to have a one of a kind entertainment at a party or celebration to surprise your guests or close relatives with a ham slicer at home?
You are afraid of not finding an expert ham cutter at home and of wasting the gourmet jewel that is an Iberian ham? (We can vacuum pack it so you can enjoy it piece by piece)?

Do you need a master ham slicer at home?

Here I am, my name is Javier!

I am passionate about everything I do
and I am characterised by my perfectionism.

My name is Javier…

I was born in a small town in the South of Spain…

Maitre de Jambon Javier Escribano Albentosa

I have grown up with ham legs disfigured by the inexperienced hands of a family of 7 in my kitchen, and I will never forget the first time I picked up a knife myself to eat that delicacy with my own hands, the first time in my life that my taste buds went crazy when they came into contact with such an extraordinary and delicious food.

One day, a friend of the family came home and screamed when she saw the mess we had made of that leg of ham; she sharpened the knives making a noise like the tuning a violin and began to “even out the ham”; I sat facing her and watched her silently cut each slice and trim each corner until the piece was clean of the spoils, flat and beautiful.

It was then that I discovered that there was a whole world of technique, expertise and beauty behind something as crude as an animal leg.

Maitre de Jambon Javier Escribano Albentosa

I was very young but that duel between that friend of the family and the shabby leg of ham that became a work of art for a few days became a life lesson for me.

I am passionate about plastic arts and I have a degree in business and while I was studying I combined my studies with working in a prestigious restaurant for celebrations. I had been working in this wonderful place for 9 years when I decided to go to London to discover the world and improve my English; the gap between my small town and that big city was such that what should have been 6 months, ended up becoming 6 years.

All that time I worked in a very important event venue in London, I started as a waiter but very soon I became the restaurant manager; I ended up being the event coordinator of this famous three-storey venue.

In 2016 fate brought me to Paris.

Maitre de Jambon Javier Escribano Albentosa 34

I fell in love with the “city of lights” from day one, I entered the world of Iberian charcuterie and to this day I am one of the best in France in my field.

I have more than 15 years of experience in customer service and I love it. There is nothing that defines and pleases me more than being sure of the products and services I offer.

I am a very meticulous and perfectionist person, so I have always loved ham cutting and I have learned this art from the best masters ham slicers. From the sharpening of the knives, to the physiognomy of the legs, through the characteristics of the support, the balance between fat and meat, and the size and thickness of each slice, I have acquired it all through my experience and the wisdom of my masters.


To be a master ham slicer is to master a unique centuries-old technique,
based on many years of experience and improvement.
The experience of tasting ham begins with the eyes,
seeing the skill of the master slicer, then its aroma awakens all the senses starting from the smell to finally end on the palate where the perfectly balanced slice of meat and fat melts in your mouth.
It is a flavour that remains in your memory forever
and makes that moment an unforgettable memory.


When slaughtered/cut

the pig's leg weighs about 20kg of which half must be lost to be considered "cured".

Of the total weight of a cured pork leg

about half is waste (skin, bitter fat and bone) so that we only get about 3 to 4 kg of edible product (enough for a group of up to 60 people).

In the breeding and curing process

hundreds of people and regulatory bodies are involved.

It is important to appreciate all the effort and work

that each piece of ham entails and the task of a professional ham cutter is to respect and know how to make the most of every gram.

Do you know that ...

a bad cut can spoil a piece of ham or make it so that its full flavour is not appreciated?


I feel confident in my knowledge and I take pride in receiving thanks for my good work.


I have a deep admiration for the whole production process and I show it with every slice I cut.


I take great pride in meeting my clients' expectations and making them feel my involvement in their event.



I cater for private events as well as company events

(hotels, event halls, restaurants) from 2 to 4 hours depending on the leg and your organisational needs.

We must specify
ensemble the type of ham required as well as the day, place and time. *
JI show up with the stand, all the utensils and the selected leg.
The cut is made
in small slices in order to be able to fully savour the piece.

* Of course you can count on me to advise you if what you are thinking of is an Iberian Ham or Pata negra.


• you know the value of a cutter,
You can count on me/ on my services!
• you are looking for quality service,
You can count on me/ on my services!
• you know the unique taste of this product,
You can count on me/ on my services!
• you want to use 100% of your ham,
You can count on me/ on my services!
• remember the first time you tasted a slice of freshly sliced ham and you might even remember its flavour,
You can count on me/ on my services!
• you are looking for just another event entertainment,
Do NOT count on my services!
• you don't care about the result
Do NOT count on my services!
• you do not care for animals
Do NOT count on my services!
I am driven by every event I work on and I am characterised by the perfection with which I work. I need time to organise each ham slicing service, to get exactly the ham leg you want and to have everything ready, so please contact me as soon as possible and ask for availability to participate in your celebration.

Do not hesitate to contact me !

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can taste a single leg of ham?

Around 50/60 people.

Is the ham selected by the ham slicer?

Not necessarily, I can help you choose a good type of ham depending on the type of event, the price is not included in my services.

Can you help me choose the best leg for my event?

Certainly! Tell me about your event and I will give you my best advice.

How far in advance do I have to book your services?

To be sure I am available, about a month before, but do not hesitate to contact me.

How much are your services?

Ask for a budget without obligation.

How can I pay?

The chosen ham is paid for in advance by telephone and the service is paid for on the day of the event, preferably in cash.

How can I be sure that I will be happy with your professionalism and the results?

Without a doubt, 6 years of experience in cutting ham and 20 years of experience in customer service give me enough security to know that everything will go perfectly.

Why choose me and not someone else?

I guarantee an excellent result in every service.

What are the support and the knives needed?

I bring it all myself together with the ham chosen by you.

Do you offer a home service?

Yes, the ham will be cut at the location of your event.

Do you cater for large events such as weddings and communions?

Yes, although we have to organise and anticipate the total number of guests.

How much does a good leg of ham weigh?

Between 8 and 10kilos for Iberian hams.